Local Maps- why needed


Do you know all routes in and out of your neighborhood? Do you know what is connected to your neighborhood? Do you know surrounding topology? How close to water are you, how far? If SHTF, where are the “trouble” neighborhoods that may leak into yours?

Do you always use a GPS? These are valid questions, as the time may come when you need to bug out or get back home and the route you usually go, will not be available. Many factors can cause this- Weather, riot, accidents, fire, Godzilla, etc.

One of the recommendations I suggest is driving your neighborhood and surrounding areas and learning alternate routes. This may sound trivial, but it will help you in case of peril. I also recommend getting local maps of your area at a gas station. Yes, good old fashioned maps. I am not too old, but in my 40’s and remember using a large map in my car to find where I was going. This was pre-smart phone and I was too cheap to buy GPS, but there were not lots of choices. It is disconcerting to think about full map on your seat and glancing over to find your way, but it was old school and cool :-)


We cannot always depend on GPS, as it may not always be there and there is the chance of power loss and your phone dying. What then? That is when good old fashioned maps come to the rescue. I recommend keeping one of your area in your car and at your home. I have several in my gun room mounted on the wall, which I name the command center. Yeah, I know, oozing with coolness. All the ladies love a gun room with maps and tons of ammo. Umm, probably not.

The command center, sanitized, of course :-)

The command center, sanitized, of course :-)








With all the travel I do, I need to start keeping one of the visiting city I am in and learning all the routes. Nothing is more scary than being away from home and getting lost during SHTF!

They are not hard to find, as you can find one at most gas stations or drug stores.









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