Quick Water Storage In Emergency

Water. Our life source, the elixir, our most important requirement to survive. Such a precious resource and so easy to contaminate. If you are a preparing for any event, you should have water stored in some form. Whether it is in drums or store bought bottles, some form is required. Not only is it required, it needs rotation and inspection at least 4 times a year. There are treatments that need to be implemented and if ignored, you will find your drinking water will need much more sterilization to even use.

This post is not about long term water storage, but it is for what happens when you need to store water now and in a hurry. Long term storage is another issue and post, but short term in an emergency is the topic at hand. The reasons are plenty, such as power loss, weather, etc.

What are some recommendations?

* How about a waterbob. A waterbob is a 10mil plastic bladder that you put in your bathtub. This allows the water to remain useable for 4 weeks(claimed) and utilizes your entire bathtub. That is 100 gallons of water that takes around 20-30 minutes to fill.  The only downside is one time use, but better to have than not.

* Fill all containers in your house you can. This includes kettles, pots, pans, cups, or anything capable of holding water. If you have saran wrap, cover the large items such as pots. This will slow airborne particles from making a bacteria party. Yes, I mean fill all of your cups with water and drink those first. Worse thing is you get really hydrated by drinking all.

The above are meant for short term. It is not a bad idea to buy a case of water every trip to grocery store and store off cement, in a place with good temps (not extreme hot or cold). I store mine in the back of the cupboards in the closets. I rotate these out as needed. At least this method will bridge you into long term storage, which will be covered in another post.









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