#10 cans for food storage

When talking about food storage, one would be remiss if the #10 can was not mentioned. What is the #10 can? It is not a can that weighs 10 pounds, which one would assume, but actually holds approximately 109-112 ounces.  They are small in size- 7 inches tall by 6.25 wide. This small size makes them ideal for long term storage for space conscious environments. What also makes them ideal is the shelf life. The normal shelf life for wheat, pasta, pinto beans and white rice is around 30+ years! Yes 30+ years. Other items such as powdered milk and other dehydrated vegetables have a shorter life around 20+ years, but still, that is a lot longer than any grocery store can item you can store.

So the question begs, should you buy in bulk and store food in 5 gallon buckets or buy #10 cans in bulk. The answer to me is both. The #10 cans can be had at decent prices at some areas (more later).  They augment your storage system perfectly.   You can always open your 5 gallon buckets and utilize them first and go to the #10 cans after. Plus, the #10 cans make for easier transportation if you have to go to any alternate site and need food. If you think about the equivalent serving size, the #10 can holds over 5.2 soup cans. So each #10 can can provide your family 3 small meals a day.  That is enough to help sustain energy to work and hunt.

There are tons of places to get these cans and the most popular is mountain house. They have been doing this for a while and are vetted in the survival community. The issue is finding these at decent prices. While quality is good, I have had the peaches and other foods, they are not cheap. If you have been following them in the past years, you will also know that they have sold out and are now caught up. I guess everyone is starting to wake up and realize they need long term food storage.

To me, the best avenue is the Mormon LDS stores or local canneries. I am not Mormon, but I do commend them on their preparation.  They preach self preservation by storing food to hold you family over in times of emergency. They are not only encouraged to store food, but also water and other items to sustain for 1 year. I guess Mormons have been “preppers” for a long time!  (I have read, but not confirmed that Mountain house and Thrive are owned by LDS members, but not verified. Not that it matters, but they are very experienced nonetheless)

If you can find a local cannery, you can usually get bulk #10 cans cheaper than other places. You can also get them online at LDS stores. As an example, you can get a case of hard red wheat in #10 cans for 28.00. They is for a case. and shipping is extremely cheap.

I would highly recommend viewing the following website, as they have some of the best, concise info. I would also recommend searching your local area for canneries. You may get lucky and have one in your area where you can purchase directly.


Kudos to the Mormons for their preparation!









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