Manuka Honey- Natural Remedies


Honey. Natures natural sweetener. Made by our life source, the honey bee.  The honey bee, so instrumental in our life that if they disappeared, our life could change drastically.  Without pollination, we suffer.

If you want to store honey, it has an infinite shelf life.  There are so many uses for it- honey wine (meade), baking addition, syrup, sweetener, etc.. When we talk about natural honey remedies, we talk about the Manuka honey. What is Manuka? Besides a cool word, it is a bush indigenous to New Zealand unfortunately; I wish it was in my backyard. The nectar from this bush is used by bees to make honey. manuka-bush

Manuka honey contains a higher concentration of glucose oxidase, which produces a natural hydrogen peroxide. It appears all honey contains this, but the levels in Manuka are higher, and it contains other antibacterial properties that inhibit bacteria growth and promotes natural healing. With its natural antibiotic delivery, it makes a treatment for ulcers, sores, sore throats and much more. Could be placebo, but there has been research to strengthen- google it.

So, am I saying that you get a cut and pour honey in it and go about your day? No, I am saying that with the proliferation of antibiotic bugs, the lack of antibiotics in a SHTF scenarios, it would be beneficial to have this on hand. Common sense, such as hygiene and wound cleansing goes a long way in preventing infection, but even a small cut can cause sepsis and death in a SHTF scenario. The benefits of having this in your pantry could “bee” lifesaving.

I would recommend buying from well known vendors that have the seal of approval from the UMFHAL (Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association). You can find authorized licensees here:

It is good to verify, as anybody can take common bee honey and label it Manuka!

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