1911 vs Glock Debate

The polymer Glock pistol and the steel 1911 master piece designed by John Moses Browning. When it comes to debating these, people choose sides like the Hatfield and McCoys. You can search over many a message board and find valid arguments for either. On one side, you have the venerable 1911. The pistol that has withstood the test of time and is a combat proven firearm with over 100 years of service. Yes, 100 years of service and adopted by over 28 nations; it has had re-manufacturer out of most of these. That is a stout resume and a very vetted pistol.

Glock 21 and Wilson 1911- 45ACP

Glock 21 and Wilson 1911- 45ACP







Then you have the much loved Glock. Started its inception around 1980 and was adopted quickly by the Austrian military and from there, sowed its seeds in the fertile soil of the United States. Since its inception, it has been quickly adopted by over 50 nations and has become the weapon of choice for most police departments. While the United States military has held steadfast with the Beretta M9 (for now, as it replaced the 1911, but rumors are afloat that it will be usurped by something), you would be hard pressed to find a Police Officer in America not carrying a Glock or a pistol designed in the likes of.

Now, if you came here to find an opinion swaying you to one side or the other, you will be remiss, as I am not writing this blog to tip the scales. When it comes down to choice, here it is people, the answer you have been looking for: SHOOT AND CARRY THE ONE YOU LIKE AND FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH!

I know that is a generic answer, but it comes down to choice. YOU have to decide. Shoot both, hell buy both if you can. Do some quick reaction drills and see which one you perform better with.

Yes, people will debate the fact you can submerge a Glock in mud for 10 years and take out and shoot it like nothing happened. With the tolerances of the 1911, I doubt this would happen, but I ask you, when is the last time you wanted to bury your gun in the mud without protection and risk this? You could also debate the triggers. When you compare, the 1911 trigger will win in my book. Again, my opinion, but some people love the Glock trigger.  I also hear the argument of magazine capacity. 1911 45ACP = 9 rounds,  Glock 21 45ACP = 16 rounds. Again, I leave it to the person carrying to decide- which one do you shoot better?

I own several of each and if the SHTF, I would like to have both on me. I also would like to debate the caliber choice, but I will save that for another post.

Shoot straight and watch your six!






1911 vs Glock Debate — 4 Comments

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    Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility problems?
    A few of my blog audience have complained about my site not working correctly
    in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any recommendations to help fix this problem?

  2. You left out the choice for 1911 w/double stack mag (14rds) such as the Para Ord.

    As to the comment “but some people love the Glock trigger” yes and some people like to get kicked in the jewels. Hell there are guys on Craigslist who will pay for that sort of thing 😉

    As as to Glock, I don’t like the feel. Really I consider it more the Poly Striker Fired rather then just glock. Glock, M&P and XD are all pretty comparable. I recently traded my FNP 9mm for an XD in an effort to convert my main carry guns all to striker fired although I still keep 3 1911’s for fun and Post SHTF Compliance.

    • Great response. The XD are excellent. The triggers are a ton better from the factory too. Ha, priceless comment about craigslist.

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