GORE-TEX – The best all around jacket

Camo gortex Jacket

If I had to choose one jacket to grab on the way out of my house in a hurry, it would be the military standard issue gore-tex (although colors vary, it is still a gore-tex).


The gore-tex is waterproof, shields wind and is full of storage. It is the perfect jacket to wear over a jacket liner or a fleece.  It will keep you warm, but it is not rated for below freezing temps. If you wear a fleece or a standard cold weather liner under it, you will be unzipping it, as it keeps heat in like crazy.



The material is easy to care for and lends well for an all purpose jacket. The only downside would be hunting. It is not the quietest jacket, but can be done. The hood is an excellent rain shield. It can completely cover your face and repel tough weather. It has a slight brim on the tip that allows water to drip away from your face. Excellent design.


These can be found all over ebay and in mil-surp stores. They are not cheap, but it is a quality item.
You can store a ton in these jackets. It even has a hidden pocket on the right side. Check it out here:

Hides a gun easily!

Hides a gun easily!







I would recommend adding this jacket to your vehicle or your bug out bag. The storage and weather protection it provides is well worth it.

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