I am back

Life, Family and Travel take up time. Have not had time to post. Then again, Life and Family are why we look to survive and choose this lifestyle – if you want to call it a lifestyle.

I have been guilty of sweating the small stuff and not giving attention needed sometime. It is a flaw and I am sure most people do the same. We are, after all, fallibly human. I sit here looking at my guns, my prep work and my collection of odds and ends. I then look over at pictures of my family and I have an uneasy feeling of wanting to protect and shield from disaster. It is a feeling I am sure most of you feel and I think it stems from the fact we know the world we live in is volatile and unforgiving.

What does all of this have to do with me being “back”? Well, it is what I was thinking at the time and only excuse I can give for not blogging for months!

I will close, for now. Wanted to tell all 2 (or 1 now?) of my followers I am back blogging. Albeit slowly due to schedule, but back nonetheless!



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