I am back

Life, Family and Travel take up time. Have not had time to post. Then again, Life and Family are why we look to survive and choose this lifestyle – if you want to call it a lifestyle.

I have been guilty of sweating the small stuff and not giving attention needed sometime. It is a flaw and I am sure most people do the same. We are, after all, fallibly human. I sit here looking at my guns, my prep work and my collection of odds and ends. I then look over at pictures of my family and I have an uneasy feeling of wanting to protect and shield from disaster. It is a feeling I am sure most of you feel and I think it stems from the fact we know the world we live in is volatile and unforgiving.

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Lights Out- A book review

ligths out new

David Crawford’s “Lights Out” book was one of the first “SHTF” books I read. It has been around a few years and Mr. Crawford had it on the web for free for a long time- over 3 million downloads. It has been published as a paperback since 2010 and put on kindle. Can’t blame him. Money is good.

The book flows decent and has a great plot. There are some parts that could be left out, but for the most part, it is an enjoyable read.  The story centers around an EMP attack and the aftermath of this. The main character is Mark Turner and it follows him and his family as they deal with the effects of the changed world. Living in a neighborhood, they find a common bond with neighbors and fight off the “hoard” of roving criminals. The bond between the neighbors and how “most” of them come together is a good storyline. If something of this magnitude did happen, you would need help.

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GORE-TEX – The best all around jacket

Camo gortex Jacket

If I had to choose one jacket to grab on the way out of my house in a hurry, it would be the military standard issue gore-tex (although colors vary, it is still a gore-tex).

The gore-tex is waterproof, shields wind and is full of storage. It is the perfect jacket to wear over a jacket liner or a fleece.  It will keep you warm, but it is not rated for below freezing temps. If you wear a fleece or a standard cold weather liner under it, you will be unzipping it, as it keeps heat in like crazy.

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1911 vs Glock Debate

The polymer Glock pistol and the steel 1911 master piece designed by John Moses Browning. When it comes to debating these, people choose sides like the Hatfield and McCoys. You can search over many a message board and find valid arguments for either. On one side, you have the venerable 1911. The pistol that has withstood the test of time and is a combat proven firearm with over 100 years of service. Yes, 100 years of service and adopted by over 28 nations; it has had re-manufacturer out of most of these. That is a stout resume and a very vetted pistol.

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Update to lanterns

More lighting options at Walmart

More lighting options at Walmart

Noticed more lanterns and fuel at my local Walmart this week. They now have emergency candles.

Walmart has been adding to their stock. There have been a few storms here that caused power outages, so it is good to know Walmart has been getting items in to address this.  (if you enlarge the picture, you will also notice a toilet seat to the left. How apropos. They know when the SHTF:-))

They have a complete lighting kit per-packaged- including flashlight, lantern and fuel for under $12.00! That is a great deal, and would recommend everyone having this kit.

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Manuka Honey- Natural Remedies


Honey. Natures natural sweetener. Made by our life source, the honey bee.  The honey bee, so instrumental in our life that if they disappeared, our life could change drastically.  Without pollination, we suffer.

If you want to store honey, it has an infinite shelf life.  There are so many uses for it- honey wine (meade), baking addition, syrup, sweetener, etc.. When we talk about natural honey remedies, we talk about the Manuka honey. What is Manuka? Besides a cool word, it is a bush indigenous to New Zealand unfortunately; I wish it was in my backyard. The nectar from this bush is used by bees to make honey.

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#10 cans for food storage

When talking about food storage, one would be remiss if the #10 can was not mentioned. What is the #10 can? It is not a can that weighs 10 pounds, which one would assume, but actually holds approximately 109-112 ounces.  They are small in size- 7 inches tall by 6.25 wide. This small size makes them ideal for long term storage for space conscious environments. What also makes them ideal is the shelf life. The normal shelf life for wheat, pasta, pinto beans and white rice is around 30+ years! Yes 30+ years. Other items such as powdered milk and other dehydrated vegetables have a shorter life around 20+ years, but still, that is a lot longer than any grocery store can item you can store.

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Quick Water Storage In Emergency

Water. Our life source, the elixir, our most important requirement to survive. Such a precious resource and so easy to contaminate. If you are a preparing for any event, you should have water stored in some form. Whether it is in drums or store bought bottles, some form is required. Not only is it required, it needs rotation and inspection at least 4 times a year. There are treatments that need to be implemented and if ignored, you will find your drinking water will need much more sterilization to even use.

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Local Maps- why needed


Do you know all routes in and out of your neighborhood? Do you know what is connected to your neighborhood? Do you know surrounding topology? How close to water are you, how far? If SHTF, where are the “trouble” neighborhoods that may leak into yours?

Do you always use a GPS? These are valid questions, as the time may come when you need to bug out or get back home and the route you usually go, will not be available. Many factors can cause this- Weather, riot, accidents, fire, Godzilla, etc.

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