Book Reviews

Being a voracious reader, I often find myself engaged in post-apocalyptic style survival books and general prepping info. Every book I have read or own for reference, I will try and do a review. Please keep looking for new reviews!

Lights Out- A book review

ligths out new

David Crawford’s “Lights Out” book was one of the first “SHTF” books I read. It has been around a few years and Mr. Crawford had it on the web for free for a long time- over 3 million downloads. It has been published as a paperback since 2010 and put on kindle. Can’t blame him. Money is good.

The book flows decent and has a great plot. There are some parts that could be left out, but for the most part, it is an enjoyable read.  The story centers around an EMP attack and the aftermath of this. The main character is Mark Turner and it follows him and his family as they deal with the effects of the changed world. Living in a neighborhood, they find a common bond with neighbors and fight off the “hoard” of roving criminals. The bond between the neighbors and how “most” of them come together is a good storyline. If something of this magnitude did happen, you would need help.

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Encylopedia of Country Living


Few books on the topic of self sufficiency have more info than that of Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia of Country Living. If you are looking for a concise book on what it means to be self sufficient and live off of the land, then the ECL is for you. In this book, you find references that took her a lifetime to master and you learn from a person who actually lived what she wrote. There is cast iron cooking, animal husbandry, animal processing and too many references for harvesting and food production to list. If you want to raise chickens to goats, can all vegetables and learn about general country living, then you must buy this book!

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Unintended Consequences

unintended consequences

Few books come along that are so well written on a subject that could stand as the blue print for which others are judged. Unintended Consequences by John Ross is one of those books.  The book follows the character Henry Bowman, a very rugged individual with a strong moral compass and a love of shooting. The book centers around gun control and culture.  The effects of a non checked government into the lives of citizens is prevalent and dealt with through a very provoking story line.

Not only does the book cover factual cases, it also acts as a history book for the entire gun movement starting with the National Firearms act of 1934. He covers laws such as the Nazi Gun Control act of 1938, from which we modeled most of our 1968 gun control after. He covers Ruby Ridge and Waco– both botched ATF raids.

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