GORE-TEX – The best all around jacket

Camo gortex Jacket

If I had to choose one jacket to grab on the way out of my house in a hurry, it would be the military standard issue gore-tex (although colors vary, it is still a gore-tex).

The gore-tex is waterproof, shields wind and is full of storage. It is the perfect jacket to wear over a jacket liner or a fleece.  It will keep you warm, but it is not rated for below freezing temps. If you wear a fleece or a standard cold weather liner under it, you will be unzipping it, as it keeps heat in like crazy.

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Lanterns and Lamps


Darkness has descended. Power is out. What do you choose to push away the night?

Flashlights- awesome choice, concentrated beam, good light dispersion, but batteries.  Oh, the batteries. They always run out. They are not cheap either. Always good to have a battery charger, maybe a solar charger, but what if overcast?

Lanterns are also a great choice. They can be purchased cheap and the fuel is not very expensive. While not as bright as other light sources, they still provide a pleasing, usable light.  They also provide small amount of heat. Granted, they are not as safe as flashlights, but still a great choice in my opinion.

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How to Zero a Weapon with Scope


Buying a new scope and putting on your weapon can be easily accomplished with a few shortcuts. There are several ways to do this, including bore lasers, but wanted to discuss an alternative method. This method does not involved bore lasers, but requires decent eyesight.

I must reiterate. It is extremely important to make sure the scope you just placed on your weapon is in the ball park of where you think your hitting. Before attempting this, make sure any “strays” are caught by a berm.

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Knives- the good, the bad and the useful

Old but good!

The American pocket knife. An everyday accessory like a belt and shoes. When I leave my house, I do 4 checks for items on my person- Wallet, keys, knife and gun.  Carrying a knife has always been part of the norm. Ever since Boy Scouts to Marines, always had a knife when possible.

Something exciting when you think back about getting your first knife to carry. Sort of like getting your first BB gun. It is a rite of passage to adulthood and a greater responsibility to learn carefulness and respect for a power a tool can wield.  I look back at my grandfather who always carried a knife (and guns). He had an old case knife, which I still have. It is nicked and worn down over time. Mostly due to me always wanting to “sharpen” it for him. Kind of nostalgic thinking back to the times when we would go fishing and this knife would be used for everything from tackle to gutting.

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