GORE-TEX – The best all around jacket

Camo gortex Jacket

If I had to choose one jacket to grab on the way out of my house in a hurry, it would be the military standard issue gore-tex (although colors vary, it is still a gore-tex).

The gore-tex is waterproof, shields wind and is full of storage. It is the perfect jacket to wear over a jacket liner or a fleece.  It will keep you warm, but it is not rated for below freezing temps. If you wear a fleece or a standard cold weather liner under it, you will be unzipping it, as it keeps heat in like crazy.

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Update to lanterns

More lighting options at Walmart

More lighting options at Walmart

Noticed more lanterns and fuel at my local Walmart this week. They now have emergency candles.

Walmart has been adding to their stock. There have been a few storms here that caused power outages, so it is good to know Walmart has been getting items in to address this.  (if you enlarge the picture, you will also notice a toilet seat to the left. How apropos. They know when the SHTF:-))

They have a complete lighting kit per-packaged- including flashlight, lantern and fuel for under $12.00! That is a great deal, and would recommend everyone having this kit.

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#10 cans for food storage

When talking about food storage, one would be remiss if the #10 can was not mentioned. What is the #10 can? It is not a can that weighs 10 pounds, which one would assume, but actually holds approximately 109-112 ounces.  They are small in size- 7 inches tall by 6.25 wide. This small size makes them ideal for long term storage for space conscious environments. What also makes them ideal is the shelf life. The normal shelf life for wheat, pasta, pinto beans and white rice is around 30+ years! Yes 30+ years. Other items such as powdered milk and other dehydrated vegetables have a shorter life around 20+ years, but still, that is a lot longer than any grocery store can item you can store.

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Local Maps- why needed


Do you know all routes in and out of your neighborhood? Do you know what is connected to your neighborhood? Do you know surrounding topology? How close to water are you, how far? If SHTF, where are the “trouble” neighborhoods that may leak into yours?

Do you always use a GPS? These are valid questions, as the time may come when you need to bug out or get back home and the route you usually go, will not be available. Many factors can cause this- Weather, riot, accidents, fire, Godzilla, etc.

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Lanterns and Lamps


Darkness has descended. Power is out. What do you choose to push away the night?

Flashlights- awesome choice, concentrated beam, good light dispersion, but batteries.  Oh, the batteries. They always run out. They are not cheap either. Always good to have a battery charger, maybe a solar charger, but what if overcast?

Lanterns are also a great choice. They can be purchased cheap and the fuel is not very expensive. While not as bright as other light sources, they still provide a pleasing, usable light.  They also provide small amount of heat. Granted, they are not as safe as flashlights, but still a great choice in my opinion.

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Cayenne Pepper – Natural Remedies


Mother nature can sometimes find synergy and benefits through natural remedies that re-act to our bodies. Geez, I sound like a hippie with that sentence.

In this post and follow on post, we will be discussing natures remedies in a multi part series. Part 1 is Cayenne.

Cayenne pepper is a considered a “miracle” pepper. It is used as a flavoring in many dishes and drinks but it has medicinal properties that are overlooked.  Cayenne has the ability to open up circulation and can be used to stop a heart attack. The venous properties of it allow unfettered blood flow and is also credited with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.  The main ingredient, Capsaicin, has many anti-inflammatory and pain reducing agents in it as well. (look at pain cream you treat sore muscles with, it is loaded with capsaicin). Cayenne can also promote looseness of the respiratory system. Ever notice your nose starts running when you eat hot salsa.  This can also reduce fevers, as it promotes sweating and release of toxins.

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American Blackout


Few series come on TV dealing with prepping that are worth a look. American Blackout was such a series.

The show portrays the events of a nationwide grid down scenario. Given the state of our grid and adversaries from foreign nations wanting to take it down, this is a realistic event to plan for. SCADA devices that control our grids were rarely designed with security in mind. This is an after thought. Most of these are being IP enabled for remote access. If adversaries can control the regulators and turn a valve off or change a pressure setting, a power plant could melt down. If you think people are not trying, look at Stuxnet.

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Why your CHL is not enough

Will_Old School

Carrying a gun is a great responsibility. If you have taken the time to get your Concealed Handgun License, then you are a law abiding citizen who wants to carry a gun legally to protect yourself from vermin who want to take from you or yours.

I hate to say, but realistically the CHL class is nothing but a law overview and a small gauge that you can hit a target.

Carrying a gun and using it requires muscle memory and reactions that are not taught in the CHL.  Everyone who carries a gun should have follow up defensive handgun training to further your skills.

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Prepping community

Funny when you talk about preparedness with some people and they just do not get it. People associate it with paranoia or silliness. Some people associate you with the extreme drama show Preppers, as most people have no gauge for categorizing the mindset. Not knocking the show, but kind of melodramatic sometimes!

It is when you meet other people who have the similar mindset, that you realize it is a community. Kind of an unspoken but practicing club. It is reassuring to speak with some people and read blogs, or articles where people share the same goal.

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Response Times


You ever heard the joke- “It is easier to carry a gun than a cop”? This is far true in many ways when you think about response times for various cities. Cops are normal people like us. They have a job to do and just like us, they get spread out and overworked. If you look at major cities, response times can vary dramatically. If you were looking at a priority one call and there were no cops in the area, you could be looking at a 10 min wait depending on circumstances. Think about how much can happen in 10 minutes.  What if you live in a rural area? Put it into perspective and think about what would happen during civil unrest. What about power outages and looting (see Katrina!).

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