1911 vs Glock Debate

The polymer Glock pistol and the steel 1911 master piece designed by John Moses Browning. When it comes to debating these, people choose sides like the Hatfield and McCoys. You can search over many a message board and find valid arguments for either. On one side, you have the venerable 1911. The pistol that has withstood the test of time and is a combat proven firearm with over 100 years of service. Yes, 100 years of service and adopted by over 28 nations; it has had re-manufacturer out of most of these. That is a stout resume and a very vetted pistol.

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SHTF Guns – Savage 24V


When it comes to SHTF gun choices,  thought I would write about my favorite. The Savage 24V 357 magnum over 20 gauge. Yes, that’s right, my favorite gun is a combo gun that holds ONE 357/38 round and ONE 20 gauge shotgun shell.  Well, I am sure I just lost all the black gun folks! Easy, I still love my ARs, but something about this combo gun just resonates.

So why on earth would anyone want a combo gun as a SHTF gun? What could you do with a single shot out of each barrels?  Valid questions and I would say, you can use this gun as an augment to your high capacity protection guns and still have a lethal combo for defense.  If needed for protection, a 357 shot and then a follow up with a 20 gauge. I call it salt and pepper Plus, the ability to hunt for small animals and larger game with one rifle!
This is a perfect gun to carry if needed to bug out, whilst keeping your assault weapons hidden. I would never recommend walking around anywhere looking like a militia man, as this only draws attention and makes people want to take what you have.

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Ammo Storage

small pack

Opening all of my daughters gifts this morning and amassing more desiccant packs. Great for me, as I always heed the warning on them and never eat the contents!

As you can see below, I added them to a jar used for random ammo storage.

If you live in a humid environment, then you must take precautions and not let the environment ruin your ammo and weapons. Moisture will find a way to seep in while your guard is down and the ammo you thought would go bang, will just not work. Primers and powder wet = no bueno, es gehts nicht, kaput, broke, sucks.  It is also disheartening to open a gun safe or closet and find rust stains on a weapon.  Moisture is the antagonist in every story involving guns and ammo.

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