Manuka Honey- Natural Remedies


Honey. Natures natural sweetener. Made by our life source, the honey bee.  The honey bee, so instrumental in our life that if they disappeared, our life could change drastically.  Without pollination, we suffer.

If you want to store honey, it has an infinite shelf life.  There are so many uses for it- honey wine (meade), baking addition, syrup, sweetener, etc.. When we talk about natural honey remedies, we talk about the Manuka honey. What is Manuka? Besides a cool word, it is a bush indigenous to New Zealand unfortunately; I wish it was in my backyard. The nectar from this bush is used by bees to make honey.

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Cayenne Pepper – Natural Remedies


Mother nature can sometimes find synergy and benefits through natural remedies that re-act to our bodies. Geez, I sound like a hippie with that sentence.

In this post and follow on post, we will be discussing natures remedies in a multi part series. Part 1 is Cayenne.

Cayenne pepper is a considered a “miracle” pepper. It is used as a flavoring in many dishes and drinks but it has medicinal properties that are overlooked.  Cayenne has the ability to open up circulation and can be used to stop a heart attack. The venous properties of it allow unfettered blood flow and is also credited with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.  The main ingredient, Capsaicin, has many anti-inflammatory and pain reducing agents in it as well. (look at pain cream you treat sore muscles with, it is loaded with capsaicin). Cayenne can also promote looseness of the respiratory system. Ever notice your nose starts running when you eat hot salsa.  This can also reduce fevers, as it promotes sweating and release of toxins.

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