Price Gouging.


It has been a few months since the chaos of ammo, weapons running. In the past 10 months, we have seen prices of guns and ammo double and triple in some cases. while it has settled down, somewhat, we are still seeing the price gouging on 22LR. Yes, the brick of 22lr you could get for 15-20 dollars 2 years ago is going for 60 and higher by some unscrupulous companies and individuals. Hell, we saw Magpul magazines going for 100 dollars a piece! They have since gone down, but CTD is still selling for $30.00. Still double than what you will pay at a gun show or other retailer.

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Gun Control…does not work

You may ask ,what does gun control have to do with prepping or homesteading?
Do you want to have a weapon taking from you when you need it to protect your family? Hunt? Do you want to be labeled a criminal because you have a weapon that is deemed bad by a bunch of hypocrites?

Bloomberg, Obama and Biden want to ban guns. It has never been a secret. We knew when Obama was elected for his second term, he would try to go after guns. The so called “black” assault weapons. Where does it end? When you give up anything, they take more. More than 10 rounds is bad? Well, let me ask the agents who guard these “illustrious” leaders to only use 10 round magazines. What happens when 11 people attack? Or better yet, guard them with bear mace since guns are bad.

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