I am back

Life, Family and Travel take up time. Have not had time to post. Then again, Life and Family are why we look to survive and choose this lifestyle – if you want to call it a lifestyle.

I have been guilty of sweating the small stuff and not giving attention needed sometime. It is a flaw and I am sure most people do the same. We are, after all, fallibly human. I sit here looking at my guns, my prep work and my collection of odds and ends. I then look over at pictures of my family and I have an uneasy feeling of wanting to protect and shield from disaster. It is a feeling I am sure most of you feel and I think it stems from the fact we know the world we live in is volatile and unforgiving.

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Quick Water Storage In Emergency

Water. Our life source, the elixir, our most important requirement to survive. Such a precious resource and so easy to contaminate. If you are a preparing for any event, you should have water stored in some form. Whether it is in drums or store bought bottles, some form is required. Not only is it required, it needs rotation and inspection at least 4 times a year. There are treatments that need to be implemented and if ignored, you will find your drinking water will need much more sterilization to even use.

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Vehicle Carry


If you carry a gun in your vehicle, what do you carry and how much ammo?

I carry a Kahr Cw9 with 3 mags and a spare box of ammo. I know some people who carry ARs in their vehicles. I thought about this, but too much money to get stolen.  It  does give me pause to think about a carbon Ar15 in my vehicle….hmmmmm

If you were stranded in a situation, it would be good to have a method to fight your way back home or to safety. If anything, you can augment your every day carry (EDC) with more ammo in your car.

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Compost bin using pallets

handful of post

Using common items, you can build yourself a nice compost bin to help enrich soil. There are many compost methods and you can go out and buy a compost barrel that expedites, the process, but for me, I went the cheap route and used materials I had lying around.

What is compost and why is it important?

Compost is a naturally occurring event that happens over time, the point of a bin is to expedite the process so you can have humus like organic material to feed your garden. The bin provides this expedition of decay of various materials that naturally compost. Leaves, grass, food scraps (not sweet or meat), and plants and all good compost material. The material is converted to organic soil by the process of decay. 4 things need to happen for compost- these are: air, moisture, food and temperature.  With the bin, you control this!

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Train how you live


In a perfect world, most aggressors will wait for you to put on your most comfortable shooting outfit, wait for you to be calm and then allow you to shoot back. This is always the case, right?  Just call timeout, and they will allow you to get ready. NOPE!

This is unrealistic and this mindset beckons you to train how you live. What involves training how you live? For starters, it means when you practice at the range for real life scenarios, you wear what you would all the time. For me, I wear a gun strong side in the winter. I also tend to wear more boots and jeans, so when I practice quick reaction drills, I wear the same items. In summer, I wear an in waistband horsehide holster and mostly shorts. So during the summer, I wear the same during training.

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Shelf life of Fuel (gas)

gas can

We all know Gas is expensive and it fluctuates with the market. Oil is at an all time high and I don’t think we will see prices below 3 dollars a gallon ever again. There comes a time when you need to think about gas storage. It is a not an easy thing to store. There is no magical sell by date on it like milk :-). The enemies of gas are air and time. I always preach to keep your tank full. Gas in your tank is sealed better than you can get in jugs. While it will go bad, it will take longer than it would just sitting in a container.

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Ammo, Ammo where art thou Ammo!

Ammo is short. No joking there. We have all seen the bare shelves at wal-mart and our gun stores. We have also seen the inflated prices people and stores are charging.  It is aggravating when people buy a 21.00 brick of 22lr and try to sell on gunbroker or local armslist for 50 to 200 dollars! The sad thing is, people are paying this.  Mass hysteria can be scary. People start hoarding, and sometimes rightfully so. Who knows when it will end?

The ammo companies are working 24/7 trying to meet the demands of the consumers. 

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