Gun reviews

Weapons are a factor in any SHTF scenario. This page is dedicated to exploring guns and their benefit to your protection in the event of unrest.


SHTF Guns – Savage 24V


When it comes to SHTF gun choices,  thought I would write about my favorite. The Savage 24V 357 magnum over 20 gauge. Yes, that’s right, my favorite gun is a combo gun that holds ONE 357/38 round and ONE 20 gauge shotgun shell.  Well, I am sure I just lost all the black gun folks! Easy, I still love my ARs, but something about this combo gun just resonates.

So why on earth would anyone want a combo gun as a SHTF gun? What could you do with a single shot out of each barrels?  Valid questions and I would say, you can use this gun as an augment to your high capacity protection guns and still have a lethal combo for defense.  If needed for protection, a 357 shot and then a follow up with a 20 gauge. I call it salt and pepper Plus, the ability to hunt for small animals and larger game with one rifle!
This is a perfect gun to carry if needed to bug out, whilst keeping your assault weapons hidden. I would never recommend walking around anywhere looking like a militia man, as this only draws attention and makes people want to take what you have.

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