Prepping community

Funny when you talk about preparedness with some people and they just do not get it. People associate it with paranoia or silliness. Some people associate you with the extreme drama show Preppers, as most people have no gauge for categorizing the mindset. Not knocking the show, but kind of melodramatic sometimes!

It is when you meet other people who have the similar mindset, that you realize it is a community. Kind of an unspoken but practicing club. It is reassuring to speak with some people and read blogs, or articles where people share the same goal.

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Ammo Storage

small pack

Opening all of my daughters gifts this morning and amassing more desiccant packs. Great for me, as I always heed the warning on them and never eat the contents!

As you can see below, I added them to a jar used for random ammo storage.

If you live in a humid environment, then you must take precautions and not let the environment ruin your ammo and weapons. Moisture will find a way to seep in while your guard is down and the ammo you thought would go bang, will just not work. Primers and powder wet = no bueno, es gehts nicht, kaput, broke, sucks.  It is also disheartening to open a gun safe or closet and find rust stains on a weapon.  Moisture is the antagonist in every story involving guns and ammo.

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Unintended Consequences

unintended consequences

Few books come along that are so well written on a subject that could stand as the blue print for which others are judged. Unintended Consequences by John Ross is one of those books.  The book follows the character Henry Bowman, a very rugged individual with a strong moral compass and a love of shooting. The book centers around gun control and culture.  The effects of a non checked government into the lives of citizens is prevalent and dealt with through a very provoking story line.

Not only does the book cover factual cases, it also acts as a history book for the entire gun movement starting with the National Firearms act of 1934. He covers laws such as the Nazi Gun Control act of 1938, from which we modeled most of our 1968 gun control after. He covers Ruby Ridge and Waco– both botched ATF raids.

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Knives- the good, the bad and the useful

Old but good!

The American pocket knife. An everyday accessory like a belt and shoes. When I leave my house, I do 4 checks for items on my person- Wallet, keys, knife and gun.  Carrying a knife has always been part of the norm. Ever since Boy Scouts to Marines, always had a knife when possible.

Something exciting when you think back about getting your first knife to carry. Sort of like getting your first BB gun. It is a rite of passage to adulthood and a greater responsibility to learn carefulness and respect for a power a tool can wield.  I look back at my grandfather who always carried a knife (and guns). He had an old case knife, which I still have. It is nicked and worn down over time. Mostly due to me always wanting to “sharpen” it for him. Kind of nostalgic thinking back to the times when we would go fishing and this knife would be used for everything from tackle to gutting.

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Response Times


You ever heard the joke- “It is easier to carry a gun than a cop”? This is far true in many ways when you think about response times for various cities. Cops are normal people like us. They have a job to do and just like us, they get spread out and overworked. If you look at major cities, response times can vary dramatically. If you were looking at a priority one call and there were no cops in the area, you could be looking at a 10 min wait depending on circumstances. Think about how much can happen in 10 minutes.  What if you live in a rural area? Put it into perspective and think about what would happen during civil unrest. What about power outages and looting (see Katrina!).

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Price Gouging.


It has been a few months since the chaos of ammo, weapons running. In the past 10 months, we have seen prices of guns and ammo double and triple in some cases. while it has settled down, somewhat, we are still seeing the price gouging on 22LR. Yes, the brick of 22lr you could get for 15-20 dollars 2 years ago is going for 60 and higher by some unscrupulous companies and individuals. Hell, we saw Magpul magazines going for 100 dollars a piece! They have since gone down, but CTD is still selling for $30.00. Still double than what you will pay at a gun show or other retailer.

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Shelf Life of Diesel


Ahhhh, the steady hum of a diesel truck does good for the soul. Whats not to like about a diesel. They last twice as long, if not more, than their counterpart gas engines. There are no spark plugs, no ignition coil, no distributor, no plug wires, and no oxygen sensors in the exhaust system. It runs on internal combustion as well, but relies on compression to deliver power.  The more a diesel warms up, the more efficient it is! Gas burns at a higher rate and puts more wear and tear on your engine. I drive a 2003 Dodge 2500 with a 5.9 Cummins 24 valve and get a consistent 21 mpg in a 25 gallon tank. With only 140,000 miles on it, it is just starting to get broken in!

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Shelf life of Fuel (gas)

gas can

We all know Gas is expensive and it fluctuates with the market. Oil is at an all time high and I don’t think we will see prices below 3 dollars a gallon ever again. There comes a time when you need to think about gas storage. It is a not an easy thing to store. There is no magical sell by date on it like milk :-). The enemies of gas are air and time. I always preach to keep your tank full. Gas in your tank is sealed better than you can get in jugs. While it will go bad, it will take longer than it would just sitting in a container.

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