When prepping is not enough


Wanted to share a story about one of my best friends who I guess you would call a “prepper”. He has always been a well prepared individual with a knack for creating stuff on the fly. If you ever wanted to know about water storage, he perfected it. If you wanted to know about flight paths with different bullets and powders, he could rattle it off in a heartbeat!

He was an excellent shooter when he could hold zero. He understood everything about shot placement, ballistics and re-loading. I have been going to his 70 acres in Junction Texas with him for a few years. Just went last week. We mostly say we are going hunting, but end up shooting, smoking cigars and talking smack whilst drinking beer(s). Some of the better times I can remember in a while has been out there with the gang. Hell, no deer have been killed at the property, just turkey. More apropos to call it “Gun Camp”. I dare any piece of paper or cactus to smart off at Gun Camp!

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Ammo, Ammo where art thou Ammo!

Ammo is short. No joking there. We have all seen the bare shelves at wal-mart and our gun stores. We have also seen the inflated prices people and stores are charging.  It is aggravating when people buy a 21.00 brick of 22lr and try to sell on gunbroker or local armslist for 50 to 200 dollars! The sad thing is, people are paying this.  Mass hysteria can be scary. People start hoarding, and sometimes rightfully so. Who knows when it will end?

The ammo companies are working 24/7 trying to meet the demands of the consumers. 

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Gun Control…does not work

You may ask ,what does gun control have to do with prepping or homesteading?
Do you want to have a weapon taking from you when you need it to protect your family? Hunt? Do you want to be labeled a criminal because you have a weapon that is deemed bad by a bunch of hypocrites?

Bloomberg, Obama and Biden want to ban guns. It has never been a secret. We knew when Obama was elected for his second term, he would try to go after guns. The so called “black” assault weapons. Where does it end? When you give up anything, they take more. More than 10 rounds is bad? Well, let me ask the agents who guard these “illustrious” leaders to only use 10 round magazines. What happens when 11 people attack? Or better yet, guard them with bear mace since guns are bad.

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3 necessary prep skills for families


There are a few items that most families should try to do in order to be prepared for events out of our control.

Keep your gas tanks full. If you are below half a tank, fill your tank. This is sometimes a hassle, but we have seen times when gas stations run out of gas or an event happens and you cannot make it to a gas station. What if you are stuck on the highway in traffic? The solace in having a full tank when you need to get home cannot be understated. I know a guy who installed a hundred gallon tank in his dodge 5.9 Cummings. Grant it is expensive to fill, but if he needed to leave or get back to his family, he would be better off than most people who coast on fumes.

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